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Silver Price Today
The price of silver today, as of 8:17 am ET, was $19 per ounce. That’s down 2.86% from yesterday’s silver price of $20. Compared to last week, the price of silver is down 2.66%, and it’s ... continued..
Is The Sell-off Over For Sterling?
Over the years, I have worked with Bank of America in equity trading and with Bank of New York in hedge fund trading. I specialize in Blockchain technologies (cryptocurrencies and digital assets) and ... continued..
Why You Should Gift Your Kids Sterling Silver Ornaments Each Year
For my siblings and me growing up, we received a sterling silver ornament from our grandmother each year. As a kid, I felt it was by far the least exciting gift to receive (rivaled by the inevitable ... continued..
How to invest in silver
Britannia silver (958) and sterling silver (925). There are three main way of buying physical silver, from the Royal Mint and metal dealers: It’s important to buy silver either from the Royal ... continued..
Producer Joel Silver Wants a Blockbuster Deal for His $52M Modernist Mansion
Joel Silver has been responsible for some of Hollywood's biggest franchises, including "The Matrix," "Die Hard," "Predator," and "Lethal Weapon." So it's understandable that the legendary producer is ... continued..
How significant is the sterling crisis?
Sterling fell to its lowest level ever against the dollar on Monday, prompting analysts to compare its trajectory to that of an emerging market currency. The drop followed sterling’s plunge in ... continued..
3When, Why, And How Sterling Reaches Parity
In just two trading days, the probability that the sterling will fall to parity against the US dollar increased to 60% on Sept. 26 from 32% on Sept. 23 after the UK government's announcement of ... continued..
Sterling clings on to gains after Kwarteng's tax U-turn
Sterling was last up 0.1% to $1.1331, down from a session high of $1.1428. The euro was up 0.54% against the pound at 87.25 pence. The pound dropped to a record low of $1.0327 on Sep. 26 and bond ... continued..
Sterling plunges to all-time low in scathing appraisal of fiscal plan
TOKYO (Reuters) -Sterling tumbled nearly 5% to an all-time low on Monday as investors ran for the exits after the new government's fiscal plan threatened to stretch Britain's finances to their limits. continued..
Sterling climbs for sixth straight session after Kwarteng's tax U-turn
Sterling was last up 0.75% at $1.1409, off a session high of $1.1428. The euro was up 0.44% against the pound at 87.16 pence. The pound dropped to a record low of $1.0327 on Sept. 26 and bond ... continued..
Sterling hits record low against the dollar, as Asia-Pacific currencies also weaken
Sterling's plunge comes after last week's announcement by the new U.K. government that it would implement tax cuts and investment incentives to boost growth. Critics say those economic measures ... continued..

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